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Industries Served

Each industry has its own unique requirements and challenges. The priorities of health care are completely different from electronics and the food processing companies face challenges that are non-existent in the consumer products companies.

Marcres Metalwerks has teams of industry experts who are devoted 100% to solving problems and making advancements within their respective industries.

We've developed tools, methodologies and best-practices based on years of experience with top companies in all major industries.


We provide safe and durable fabrications for use in hospitals, clinics, and extended care facilities. In the medical community our craftsmanship can be found in wash down beds, patient weighing systems and medical testing equipment.

Food Processing

Our emphasis on sanitary fabrications allows us to provide the food processing industry with stainless steel parts and components used in mixing, baking, canning and batching equipment. We also provide heavier fabrications for use in frames, platforms, guards and bases.


We manufacture a wide range of fabricated metal parts and assemblies for transit vehicle providers such as fare collection and electrical boxes, vaults and brackets.


The packaging industry provides us with some of our most challenging projects. Our expertise in forming, welding, and polishing has allowed us to provide this industry with uniquely shaped funnels, transitions and hoppers, which facilitate product speed and flow.


For the electronics industry we produce card cages, power supplies, pedestals, housings, heat sinks and brackets. We provide single product shipping or turnkey assemblies. We will gladly supply certifications to ensure that the products we produce are in compliance with regulatory guidelines.


Durable fabrications for industrial, food and patient weighing applications. Our ability to provide this industry with close tolerances on uniform fabrications allows for accurate end weight measurements.


We are proud to be a supplier to the pharmaceutical industry where we excel at adhering to stringent standards for precise and sanitary manufacturing. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures the purity of the fabrications we supply.


From carts to cabinets to testing chambers, our high quality fabricated products are found in clean rooms and sterile laboratory environments.

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